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Active Computing is a small business that provides research and development in information and software systems for the Department of Defense and other government customers. With more than 20 years of experience in innovative solutions for command and control, simulation, and analysis, the principal and available subcontractors are uniquely qualified to solve the toughest decision-making problems faced by the military today.   Active Computing has deep expertise in computing technologies as well as experience in  military domains, program management, user training and feedback, and Government contracts.  We like working closely with program managers, users, and other developers as part of a team, but what we really like is the end result:  a software prototype that embodies new technology and can enhance military capability.  We're in business to create and transition new technology, and we have a history of doing this faster than most people think is possible. 

SOFTools, the tool of choice for special operations planning and execution control.

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